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TPOs are the "new generation" roofing membranes that combine attributes of two of today's popular flexible single-py membranes EPDM and PVC. These attributes include long-term weathering resistance, cold temperature flexibility, tear resistance, puncture resistance, chemical resistance and heat-seaming capability. TPO systems feature heat-welded seam integrity, energy savings and overall exceptional value.

TPO membranes are manufactured in a range of colors, including white. The good news is that the magnitude of cost savings from a white roof can be staggering. The US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge national laboratory provides a convenient means for estimating the cost savings of a white roof. Depending on your location, an energy-saving EverGuard® TPO or PVC roof could offset 30, 40, 50% or even more of the original cost to install the white roof!

In addition since TPOs are a true thermoplastic material, they do not cure after exposure to the elements, and they remain hot-air weldable throughout their service life. In addition, TPO membranes are highly resistant to a variety of chemicals and materials, including aged asphalt and tear strength. More Information