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Exposed Fastener (Propanel Style) Metal Roofs

Enchantment Roofing uses metal roofing materials produced by Fabral Metal Roof Systems, the highest quality metal roofing available, in a variety of profiles, substrates, and colors. In 1979, Fabral introduced the original 9" on-center profile—Grandrib 3®, which quickly became the benchmark of the industry. Today, Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® remain two of the most versatile seel panels on the market. The uniquely engineered profile and tough steel construction are durable enough to provide long-lasting beauty for your building in even the harshest of climates.

The 36" overall coverage and 3/4" ribs at 9" on-center panels have been tested at 80,000 psi minimum yield strength. Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® also boast superior rain-carrying ability derived from an anti-siphon side lap, and are backed with a galvanized coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A653 and A 924 standards.

Superior Color Performance

Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® are available in an extensive selection of popular colors. Super Alurite 2000® uses only ceramic and select inorganic pigments for superior color performance, giving your metal roof exceptional chalk and fade resistance for years of superior color retention and durability.

Concealed Fastener (Standing Seam) Metal Roofs

Enchantment Roofing uses Meridian roof panels which use a snap together, concealed, clipless fastener system. Meridian roof panels are designed for high performance with the classic look of an interlocking system. These roof panels are hail and fire resistant, 26 gauge, 12" or 16" width. They are energy efficient with an up to 40 year limited warranty and are available in a variety of colors. For more information on these panels, see here.