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Comfort Foam

Comfort Foam® is a spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation and air-seal system that provides a code approved, closed cell, highest R-value, seamless building envelope that eliminates the air infiltration problem. It completely seals your home to protect from air drafts, moisture infiltration and pests, and controls heat and cold more effectively than conventional insulation products, saving you money.


The RockFoam Roof System® combines the super energy-saving efficiency and seamless nature of sprayed polyurethan foam with a protective layer of gravel. It offers year-round protection that translates into cost savings. RockFoam is an energy efficient, duarable, low-maintenance protection system for flat roofs in reroofing and new construction applications. It evenly disperses precipitation and ice in winter and enhances evaporation in summer. Homeowners can be assured of safety, since RockFoam passed the Class A fire test in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL970.

Coated Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is recognized as the industry standard and continues to surpass expectations for cost-savings, durability and longevity. SPF provides a seamless lightweight umbrella over new and existing roofs and applies over most existing roofs. SPF provides the best insulation value per inch, 100% adhesion, is self-flashing, slopes to drain, has sustained performance and it's renewable!